Advent of Code - 2023, Day 04



Advent of Code, Day 4

My code can be found here.

This was much easier than Day 3, which was a relief. I made a silly mistake that I accidentally fixed with an extra cast to int. My formula for computing the number of points from a card was 2 ** (len(matches) - 1), which is only correct if the number of matches is nonzero! Coincidentally, using the formula int(2 ** (len(matches) - 1)) saved me because this new formula returns 0 if there are no matches. Dumb, but I admit I overlooked this edge case.

Part B was pretty straightforward, but only after stopping to read the instructions more carefully. I don’t know, something about the problem setup made it difficult for me to figure out how the game was changed.

I got to use defaultdict for this one, which was an opportunity to practice something I learned about yesterday. Turns out, one way of specifying that you want a dict where the default value is 0 is defaultdict(lambda: 0).

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