Visualizing directory structures in plain text

cli, workflow

I discovered a neat command line tool, tree, which displays the content of the current directory in a tree-like structure in plain text. This is super convenient to show, for example, a project’s directory structure in a Markdown file.

To use tree on a Mac (or Linux if you’re using homebrew), simply run brew install tree to install it. Then, run tree to use it.

Running man tree will display all the details about this tool, including all of the different flags you can pass to it to adjust the output. For example, tree -L 2 -d will only display the top two levels of the current directory, and only includes directories:

├── archetypes
   └── til-bundle
├── content
   ├── about
   ├── blog
   └── til
├── public
├── resources
   └── _gen
└── themes
    └── mini

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